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What Valorant Esports Bets Can You Make at GGBet?

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 What Valorant Tournaments Can You Bet On?

Valorant esports betting has become increasingly popular since the release of Riot Games' tactical shooter in 2020. There are a variety of valorant tournaments around the world that you can bet on. From official matches between Valorant pro teams to independent valorant competitions, there are plenty of chances to make some money by wagering on valorant games.

 The biggest and most prestigious valorant competition is the VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT). This tournament features top Valorant players and teams from all over the world competing for prize money and glory. The VCT is divided into four stages - Challengers, Masters, Legends, and Champions - with each stage providing another level of difficulty.

Valorant Tournaments: Schedules, Dates, Prize Pools, Unveil Everything Here!

Valorant Tournaments have been famous since the game was first made available in June 2020. This game's popularity skyrocketed in less than a year, taking the gaming industry by storm. The excitement around Valorant piqued everyone's curiosity, and tournaments of all sizes began to spring up.

 We'll go through some of the most anticipated tournaments in 2022 to look forward to in the upcoming Valorant tournament schedule:

 Valorant Tournaments - VCT: Game Changers

This is another competition launched by Riot Games, and it complements the current Valorant Champions Tour. The purpose of this competition was to provide fresh chances for Valorant's women and other underrepresented genders. Besides, it also helps to augment the current competitive season.

 VCT: Game Changers, like the main Valorant Champions Tour event, is expanding and recruiting more fans and professional Valorant teams to play. The 2022 season will take place over six global regions, with each zone crowning its own champion at the conclusion.

 Valorant Tournaments - Effortless Champions Tour

The Valorant Champions Tour is a year-long competition featuring the top players in the professional Valorant scene. It is structured into three distinct stages. Each stage consists of various events that together culminate in a Masters event at the end of each stage.

The fact that Valorant Champions Tour has the most significant rewards and carries the most prestige is what makes it the best Valorant competition in 2022. Every Valorant squad worth its salt aspires to compete here, and all previous Valorant tournaments serve as stepping stones.

 Valorant Tournaments - Nerd Street Gamers: Summer Championship

Nerd Street Gamers have been playing competitive Valorant since its inception. The Nerd Street Gamers Valorant competitions are still some of the most consistent. Sure, they don't have the resources that Riot does to put on events the magnitude of the Valorant Champions Tour, but they have a lot of enthusiasm for Valorant.

 Summer/Winter Championship events by Nerd Street Gamers have been some of the most anticipated tournaments these guys have organized. They not only had the largest prize pools, reaching up to $25.000, but they also drew some of the strongest Valorant teams. This year, the NSG: Winter Championship had a total prize fund of $9.500 and was held in Philadelphia and Denver.

 Valorant Tournaments- Red Bull Campus Clutch

When it comes to top tournaments, the forthcoming Red Bull Campus Clutch - you cannot overlook World Final Stage. The €20.000 prize pool is reason enough for these Valorant teams to compete, but there's more.

Last year's victors were Anubis Gaming from Egypt, who won a unique invitation to the final Valorant Master's tournament in Berlin. Also, let's not forget the lion's share of the prize pool.

Valorant Tournaments- Valorant Conquerors Championship

A Valorant tournament in South Asia takes fifth place on our best Valorant tournament 2022 list. NODWIN Gaming and Riot Games had agreed to host a fantastic competition for South Asian fans and teams, which looked amazing! It had a hefty prize pool of $33.000, which is little more than what you'd anticipate from a tournament of this magnitude.

Stay tuned because the list is only a sneak peek. The year is full of tournaments; stay updated with the Valorant tournament schedule beforehand to go for the win!