Overwatch Betting



Overwatch Esports: Live Betting, Amazing Bonuses, and HD Streams!

Overwatch Esports has taken the world by storm and with it came the opportunity to bet on matches. Betting on overwatch esports not only allows you to root for your favorite teams, but also provides an exciting way to make extra money. With live betting available and amazing bonuses, overwatch bets can be a great way to experience the thrill of overwatch esports.

In addition to live betting, many overwatch bettors take advantage of the HD streams available on certain platforms. These streams allow bettors to watch matches in real time and react quickly when necessary. This gives players a huge edge over their opponents and allows for more accurate predictions.

How Does Overwatch Esports Betting Work at GGBet?

If you're looking to get into Overwatch betting on GG.BET, the process is straightforward. All you need to do is select Overwatch from the list of games available on the website, and then browse through the various options for overwatch odds. You can find a variety of bets offered at GG Bet, such as match winner, maps won, total kills, outright winners, and many more overwatch betting markets.

Once you've selected your desired overwatch bet at GGBet, simply enter your stake amount and confirm your bet. Your winnings will depend on how successful your overwatch picks are - if they come true then you'll receive a payout according to the overwatch odds presented before placing your bet.

Overwatch Tournaments: What are the Leading Competitions?

Overwatch tournaments may not be as prolific as other eSports, but there is something to excite enthusiasts. The game starts from the point of invitation, where hopefully, you can join the 'Path to Pro' while working on your way to top-tier tournaments and leagues. So, what Overwatch competitions should you familiarize yourself with? Here are the best tournaments in this eSport. 

1.  The Overwatch League

It is the most basic and looked-forward-to tournament where teams grapple for prize pools. The first Overwatch League tournament was played in 2018, with 12 teams participating. However, more teams (a total of 20) participated in 2019, which is the norm. 

One thing that makes Overwatch League competitions stand out is their period; the season lasts several months. This would feature a regular season, play-in tournaments, and the final Playoff stage. 

The Overwatch League comes with a lump sum for winners and second runners-up. For example, 2021 had a prize pool equating to $4.25 million. The Shanghai Dragons emerged victorious and scooped approximately $4 million. Besides, the tournament is lucrative for players as they could get bonuses worth $100,000. The 2022 Overwatch League started in May and will be on till November. 

Since the Overwatch League is the most hyped-about tournament, most fans want to find out how they can join the competition. You must play through the ranks successively by playing the minor leagues. First, you must win the Competitive Play and hit level 25 by earning as many points in the six seasons before proceeding to Overwatch Open Division. Once you conquer this stage, you should join the Overwatch Contenders Division, where you must prove your prominence to express interest in joining the Overwatch League. Ideally, you can join the Overwatch by completing the following steps:

  • Sign up for Competitive Play and get maximum points;
  • Join the Overwatch Open Division, where you must prove your mastery of skills and potential. You should be among the top four teams to proceed to the next level. 
  • Go for Overwatch Trials: four of the best Overwatch Open Division and the bottom four must compete for a chance in the next stage; you should be among the top four finalists. 
  • Join the Overwatch Contenders Division - winning is almost guaranteed to getting into the desired league. 

2. The Overwatch Contenders tournament

Overwatch promotes the 'Path to Pro' model by hosting the contenders' competition. This is where beginners test their abilities and hone their skills through the Open Division. In this contest, novices will be competing against experienced Overwatch players. Once players surpass this stage, they get into the Overwatch Contenders trials before getting into the league. This tournament is regionalized and has pool prizes for the best Overwatch teams. Players who prove their prowess get a chance into the Overwatch League. 

The last Overwatch League Contenders (2021) were played in China, North America, Europe, Australia, and Korea. Over $1 million was distributed out to the best performers. The 2022 season is yet to be announced, but plans are underway. 

3. Minor Overwatch Tournaments

These are competitive games for eSports lovers. They may not have much to offer but present a chance to sharpen players' skills. For example, the NetEase eSports X Tournament series is a once-in-a-while event. 02Blast won the 2021 edition and bagged $16,000. NeXT is another example of minor Overwatch competitions - Shangai Dragons won the 2021 season and got a pool prize worth $18,500.

4. Overwatch World Cup

This tournament happens once in a while and features various nations. Only one Overwatch World Cup contest was played in 2019 and was a clash of 10 national teams competing for a prize worth $200,000. The United States was the Overwatch champion, with China being the runners-up. There is no news or plans to organize an Overwatch World Cup.