Xmas Show seeding announced

Xmas Show seeding announced

Xmas Show organizers announced the seeding of the teams into groups and the schedule of the first matches of the tournament.

10 teams will play in the group stage, they are divided into two groups.

Group A: Darkside, ex-Mind Game, HellRaiser, Monasp, Nemiga Gaming.

Group B: Ancient Tribe, One Move, PuckChamp, Team Spirit, X3.

In groups, the teams will play each other once, all games are best-of-3. The double-elimination playoffs will feature 2 teams from each group, and they will be joined by 4 invited teams. Three of those teams are currently announced: Entity, Gaimin Gladiators, and Virtus.pro.

All playoff matches will be best-of-3, grand final is best-of-5. The tournament will be held online from December 16 to 29.

Schedule for December 16