eUnited Emerged Victorious at Smite World Championship 2018

eUnited Emerged Victorious at Smite World Championship 2018

eUnited Emerged Victorious at Smite World Championship 2018

Smite World Championship 2018, which was held on January 4-7 at Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre in Atlanta during Hi-Rex Expo 2018, has concluded. The main event of the season featured 10 teams competing for a massive $1,000,000 prize pool.

The best teams from around the world participated in the tournament, including 2 teams from each Europe, North America and NA/EN Wildcard, as well as 1 team from Oceania, Southeast Asia, Brazil, and Latin America. Thus, the tournament line-up looked as follows:

  • Black Dragons (Kliz, oShip, Nann, MarceIZ, PIBE) – Brazil
  • Elevate (N0Numbers, Cherryo, DeathPanter, Jermain, Dardez) – Europe
  • Entity Gaming (Parad1ddle, iApex, SirEclipse, Kamiru, MashuPoi) – Southeast Asia
  • eUnited (Benji, Screammmmm, Venenu, PandaCat, PolarBearMike) – North America
  • Luminosity Gaming (Aquarius, Masked, Baskin, BaRRaCCuDDa, JeffHindla) – North America
  • Nocturns Gaming (Beltway, Sm1tero, N0zq, Zaionsix, Noitulover) – Latin America
  • NRG Esports (maniaKK, Adapting, Yammyn, emilitoo, iRaffer) – Europe
  • Obey Alliance (Xaliea, CaptainTwig, PrettyPriMe, Ataraxia, EmilZy) – Europe
  • Scylla Esports (Kayo, Envisionise, Shred, MingyuSeo, Torreyskiez) – Oceania
  • Team RivaL (Deathwalker, iceicebabyy, Wlfy, Vote, KaLas) – Europe

The tournament was split up into two phases: Qualifying Stage and Knockout Stage. In the first stage eight teams competed in a single-elimination bracket with best-of-one and best-of-three series, with top six teams advancing to the next phase. The Knockout Stage featured two invited and six qualified teams, with the quarterfinals being best-of-three and semifinals and grand finals being best-of-five.

eUnited and Team RivaL, as the winners of the North American and the European qualifiers respectively, started their competition from the Knockout Stage. On their way to the grand finals RivaL outplayed Nocturns Gaming (2-0) and NRG (3-2), while eUnited defeated BIDs (2-0) and Obey Alliance (3-0). In the Grand Finals the Europeans managed to win only the second map, losing all other three and ending the series with the 1-3 score.

Tournament results:

Place Team
1 eUnited
2 Team RivaL
3-4 Obey Alliance, NRG Esports
5-8 Elevate, Black Dragons, Luminosity, Nocturns
9-10 Scylla Esports, Entity Gaming

It should be reminded that recently Hi-Rez presented a new Greek god for SmiteCerberus.